Speeches, Lectures & Presentations

One measure of both peer recognition and the willingness and ability to put ourselves out in public forums, is our comfort level and experience with presenting lectures, speeches and other presentations to a wide range of professional and business groups. These speeches tend to involve various aspects of financial investigations, business valuations and related tax and financial planning issues. In addition, for the more general audiences, presentations on tax and financial planning outside of the litigation arena.

Some of the groups to which we have made presentations include:

  • American Institute of CPAs – National Litigation Conferences
  • American Institute of CPAs – National Valuation Conference
  • New Jersey Society of CPAs (and other CPA Societies)
  • New Jersey Judicial College
  • American Society of Appraisers – Northern New Jersey Chapter
  • Institute of Business Appraisers
  • Institute for Continuing Legal Education (New Jersey)
  • American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers – New Jersey Chapter
  • Family Law Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association
  • American Trial Lawyers
  • Association of Professional Mediators

To give you a better understanding of some of the specific topics we have covered, the following is but a smattering of our speech presentations:

  • Valuing a Closely Held Business
  • Valuing a Professional Practice
  • The Financial Investigation of a Closely Held Business
  • Determining Unreported Income
  • Challenging Allegations of Unreported Income
  • Tax Issues in Divorce
  • Current Tax Issues (variations on this theme many times)
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Reading and Understanding Tax Returns and Financial Statements
  • Retirement Planning
  • Executive Compensation and Benefits
  • The Use of (Financial) Experts During Mediation
  • Preventing Embezzlement and Fraud
  • Innocent Spouse Rules
  • Challenging Allegations of Unreported Income
  • Tax and Financial Planning to Maximize Your Wealth
  • Running your Business to Maximize Profits and Minimize Taxes
  • Financial Issues for Paralegals