Accounting & Tax

The Barson Group provides quality professional services to a wide range of businesses, organizations and individuals, encompassing accounting, tax, and general financial advice and assistance. Led by our founder, Kal Barson, with his over thirty years of providing such services, The Barson Group strives to proactively assist its clients.

Janet BarsonOur size allows us the ability to respond very quickly to client needs – there is no bureaucracy or convoluted, hard-to-manage hierarchy with which to contend. A call to Kal or Janet Barson, or any of our staff, insures that whatever the issues are they will be addressed promptly and without worrying about the matter being handed off to some distant or uninvolved employee. Our staff, at every level and for every individual, is fully aware of the need to work with our clients, to be responsive, and to return calls within an exceedingly short period of time. In most situations, returning a call within 24 hours is considered too slow – our clients deserve and get better than that.

Accounting, Tax, Financial Planning & Consulting Services

Accounting Services – whether it involves the basic financial records and funds flow so as to best track and understand the operations of the business, or providing management assistance and insight into how to better run an operation, or the more routine preparation of a financial statement (with attention paid to the issues so that it not be so routine), as you would expect from any attentive and qualified CPA firm, The Barson Group provides these services on a daily basis.

Tax Consulting & Planning – when most people think of accountants, they think of taxes. We handle a wide range of tax related issues for our clients – including tax planning and strategizing, structuring of deals and transactions, planning for the individual, businesses and families; and of course the preparation of tax returns. We invite the inquiries and discussions that lend themselves to our being better informed and our relationship with our client a more beneficial one.

Financial Planning & Consulting – part and parcel of providing a full range of financial services, are related issues of financial planning (both the big picture and the little picture) and consulting. We are often called upon to assist in many aspects of the financial lives of our clients. The types of consulting (some might call questions “out of the blue”) that we are asked to address are indeed special, unique and individual to our clients. It might involve assistance as to retirement planning, college funding, a possible new business venture, buy-out options provided by corporate America…

Businesses and Individuals – the range of services we provide encompasses the accounting, financial and tax needs of many different types of businesses as well as many individuals, some of whom are owners of businesses which are also clients, and others non-business owners who are looking for a long-term accounting/tax/consulting relationship with a firm that pays attention to them.

Acquiring or Selling a Business – some of the most valuable help we have provided to our clients has been when they were looking to either sell a business or start a new one, or expand an existing business by acquiring another operation. Our experience, understanding of the dynamics, and our ability to help structure a deal, provide the type of service that business people truly need.

Business Valuations & Litigation Services – this is a particular specialty for our firm, providing us with unique insight that you typically will not find in the conventional accounting firm. We fully understand how to value businesses and the realities of what value really means. We also have extensive experience dealing with lawyers, judges and the legal system – a level and depth of experience exceeding that of most of our peers. As a result, for “general” or more “routine” accounting and tax related services, we are able to bring to the table – for our clients’ benefit – knowledge, experience and exposure unusual for most accounting firms.

Contact the Barson Group

The Barson Group would welcome your inquiries, and we look forward to working with you. In addition, many times we have worked with clients who are already committed to an accounting firm – but get us involved (often the other accounting firm brings us in) for special needs where we can work well in tandem with their existing accounting firm.

To enhance our strength, and broaden our abilities and resources, we maintain memberships and affiliations, and are actively involved, in various professional organizations – including CPA-USA Network (formerly NACPAF), EPR (Evancic Perrault & Robertson), IEC, American Institute of CPAs and

New Jersey Society of CPAs. These involvements enable us to provide our clients with the range and depth of the largest firms – without our losing the intimate and dedicated relationships that only a “local” firm can provide.