Client Reviews

“You were awesome yesterday. You definitely helped me get a handle on these K-1s… you…told me something that is incredibly valuable, so valuable, in fact, that it may be the golden ticket. We work well together.” – Divorce Client


“I am not really sure where to start in thanking you for all you’ve done for me over the past few years… I did know that from the moment we first met, I felt safe with you and I knew I could trust you… I can’t begin to express my gratitude for your patience, kindness and understanding with me. I know that this case was not an easy one, but you never made me feel that way… Your approach taught me so much along the way. I appreciate all the time, effort and hours you put not only into this case, but also into helping me through. I feel so fortunate to have had you on my team! Thank you for everything!” – Divorce Client


“This looks great. Thank you for all the amazing work and help with this… You have been so great to work with, thank you for looking out for both of our best interests and for making this process as easy as possible.” – Divorce Clients (jointly engaged)


“Thank you for a great program. Informative and entertaining.” – General Practice Attorney


“I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated your help and support…during my divorce.” – Divorce Client


“Thank you for all your help and guidance this year. It meant a lot to me to have you handle the audit and advise me through the process.” – Tax Client


“I love to read your materials and genuinely look forward to your regular emails with super tips – you have such a quick wit!… I’m glad that you are working with … (I) …know that he is in exceptional hands!” – Divorce Attorney


“…(other attorney) …and I were much impressed by your resume and work product. We owe much of the success we’ve already realized to your effort.” – Commercial Litigation Attorney


“I must say your input and assistance in this matter were invaluable and has brought us initial success.” – Commercial Litigation Attorney


“Thank you for your wonderful presentation last week.” – General Practice Attorney


“Popped your payment in the mail today…you sure are worth every penny!” – Tax Client


“Thanks for all the great work and advice by you and your group again this year… In hindsight, I wish we’d touched base with you a bit faster….your quick, simple evaluation set us back on our original track…” – Tax Client


“This is an excellent point (referencing one of our informative emails). I suspect that very few New Jersey lawyers have even thought about it.” – Divorce Attorney


“Thank you for providing the report which clearly demonstrates … Much appreciation Kal to you and your staff for working so diligently on my behalf.” – Divorce Client


“I’ve read this book…the past two days and it is excellent. I encourage all attorneys in my office to read it.” – Divorce Attorney


“Thank you for the book… I only glanced at the Dedication and was impressed with and have empathy with your family values.” – Divorce Attorney


“Thank you so much for being an awesome speaker at our November meeting last week. We hope to have you back soon!” – Community Organization


“Thank you for working with me… It is very much appreciated… Honestly, I have encountered few people in business who would have handled this situation as you did. Thank you again.” – Tax Client


“Kal, thanks. Excellent presentation last night.” – Estate Attorney


“Thank you for a great program. Informative and entertaining.” – General Practice Attorney


“I thank you so much for presenting an informational and most timely program… You did a terrific job. All in attendance found your program to be informative, interesting and were pleased to have learned so much… You provided a wealth of information… You had the uninterrupted attention of the entire audience who listened to every word you uttered. Your levity helped lighten the subject. Your informal style of delivery made the subject matter easier to digest…” – Divorce Attorney


“Thank you Kal – this is really a good analysis (and helpful).” – Divorce Attorney


“Thank you for your continued, informative articles that you send out. They are extremely helpful… Have passed them onto others.” – Divorce Client
“This is a great article.  Very well thought out – as usual.  You also have the ability (which is not shared by all members of your profession) to explain things in a way that a non-financial professional can understand.” – Attorney


“Keep up the good work” – Divorce Client


“It looks great.  Thanks for the prompt reply as always.” – Attorney


“You are a super forensic accountant, and I cannot thank you enough for all of your support over these past few years.  P.S. I have referred a friend to you.” – Divorce Client


“Thank you so much for all of your help.  I was very impressed with your work and follow up.  Cannot thank you enough for your help.” – Litigation Client


“Thank you … I truly appreciate your kindness and generosity.  Your support along the way has meant a great deal to me.  It will not be forgotten.” – Divorce/Tax Client


“Enclosed is my final payment since we have settled our divorce.  Thank you so much for all your help.  It was a pleasure working with you.” – Divorce Client


“Thank you so much for helping with such little notice.  Your expertise is greatly appreciated.  I am confident it will provide a much needed key component.” – Divorce Client


“Thanks much for the excellent work which you did for our client.  I appreciate that you’re both readily available to assist me when I need help and that you always respond expeditiously to my phone calls.  I am impressed and very glad for my client that we have a brilliant, most effective team working diligently to achieve the best outcome for him.” – Divorce Attorney


“Thank you for all your help throughout the years.  I appreciate that you are always available to answer any of my questions.” – Bookkeeper of Business Client


“I got this in the mail yesterday.  Problem solved.  Thanks so much.” – Tax Client (referring to problem with IRS)


“Thank you for those books.  What a great resource.  Perfect.” – Divorce Attorney


“This is greatly appreciated.  Kal, you are a consummate professional.” – Divorce Client


“Thank you for your swift turnaround and for your patience with me.  Thank you again for everything – … immensely appreciated.” – Divorce Client


“Thank you for the great advice.” – Tax Client

“Judge ruled in our favor and dismissed Plaintiff’s complaints.  He relied on your expert report and testimony, finding it credible.  He specifically referenced your analysis of “sophisticated investors” – Attorney in Commercial Litigation Matter


“Thanks, Kal.  That was an amazing turnaround.” – Tax Client


“Thank you, Kal.  We all appreciate your expertise and time.  You worked well with us and our clients and provided information that we may use to develop a mutually fair settlement.  I think you treated both clients (and the attorneys) with dignity and respect in answering all of our questions.” – Divorce Attorney Involving Collaborative Law Matter


“Please know that your report and guidance in this matter has been immeasurable and greatly appreciated.” – Divorce Attorney


“You were a pleasure to do business with.” – Divorce Client


“You were the “star” of the seminar last Saturday.  The information that you provided (was) most useful.  You saved the day.” – Divorce Attorney Who Attended a Seminar We Gave


“I am so happy … referred you.  It was a pleasure working with you” – Office Manager of Mid-Size Law Firm


“Very thorough analysis based on limited disclosure.” – Divorce Client


“Great Report … this will be very helpful at oral argument.” – Divorce Attorney


“Your CLE’s have been excellent.” – Litigation Attorney Who Attended CLE Program


“Without your report, we would never have been able to bring her down to reality.” – Divorce Attorney


“Because of the great job you did for me regarding financial information during my divorce … Without you … my results would have been quite different.” – Divorce Client


“Please know that I will not hesitate to call upon you to utilize your services whenever the need for same arises.  I appreciate all of your efforts in this matter.” – Divorce Attorney


“I would like to thank you again for all you’ve done for us.” – Litigation Client


“Thanks for the great seminar.  I always learn something from you.” – Attorney Who Attended CLE Program


“Thanks again for the fantastic lectures.  You obviously put a huge amount of work into the presentation, and it really showed.  I felt truly lucky to be able to attend and get the benefit of your knowledge and the thorough and interesting way you presented it all.” – Attorney Who Attended CLE Program

“Your analysis was critical in settling the case.  It clarified where the numbers were coming from.” – Divorce Attorney


“Thank you for the regular tax tips which have been very helpful to me.” – Attorney


“Just a short note to express my thanks for your excellent, really interesting, presentation yesterday.  You obviously really know your material.  You presented it in such a great way and you really held my attention.” – Attorney Who Attended CLE Program


“Your presentations are very informative and understandable.” – Attorney Who Attended CLE Program


“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated, but more importantly, how much I learned, from the 3 classes.  As I may have mentioned, I have taken a number of CLE classes and found most to be largely a waste of time or that not much else was learned that could not have been gleaned from reading the material.  Your class was just the opposite.  The course material and outline was just the beginning – what you added in, an appreciated rapid fire delivery, coupled with the questions from those in attendance, made the time very worthwhile.” – Attorney Who Attended CLE Program


“Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation.” – Attorney Who Attended CLE Program


“Thanks again for a great presentation on Monday.  Three different attendees have reached out to me since to laud your talents at making the complex seem less so.” – Attorney Who Attended CLE Program


“They have decided not to call … as a rebuttal witness.  Yes, that is what happens when we have a “genius” on our side and they have nothing to say in response.” – Divorce Attorney


“Thank you for taking the time to compile these very comprehensive and accurate notes of the meeting.  I found the re-read very beneficial and was surprised at the extent of the topics covered.   Reading these notes helps put in perspective …” – Fellow CPA


“As I phase out my law practice, I wanted to express to you my sincere appreciation for the outstanding help you have given me over these years.  Your analysis has always been sound.  Your testimony has always been closely followed by the Courts.  I especially appreciate the times when you have shown how I might avoid “sticking my foot in my mouth”.  You have always been the epitome of a scholar and a gentleman.” – Divorce Attorney


“These questions for … are fantastic.  Thank you so very much.  What a tremendous help.” –Divorce Attorney Preparing to Examine the Other Expert


“Thanks for all of your work, and for getting us feedback on short notice.  Your work definitely helped us settle.” – Attorney Commercial Litigation Matter


“You are the best there is.” – Business Client


“You and everyone at your office have always been wonderful to me and to our clients.” –Divorce Attorney