Collaborative Law

Particularly for those going through a divorce, the collaborative process offers for what many is an attractive alternative to the litigation process. In an oversimplified, brief explanation, the collaborative process provides an alternative for those who would otherwise be in litigation. The aim is to resolve differences as amicably, as non-confrontationally, as possible – which for many provides a route to maintaining harmony, and particularly in a divorce setting, to preserve the family and protect the children (and often, of not insignificant benefit, contain and reduce fees).

For those individuals going through a divorce process (and in many ways the concept works the same if it is for instance, commercial litigation) who have the ability to work in a fashion that minimizes the friction of the litigation, the collaborative process can prove beneficial. It is for that reason, with an eye towards working to help the divorcing couple (and their family), that we have involved ourselves in the collaborative process, maintaining an active membership with New Jersey Collaborative Law Group (and through that organization, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals).

As part of the process of working on behalf of clients in the collaborative arena, we also, as a natural outgrowth, work closely as part of a collaborative team. That team typically includes – besides us as the financial expert involved in income determination, funds flow tracing, business valuation, tax assistance and related matters – legal counsel for each of the parties involved, mental health professionals/counselors (where and to the extent necessary), and perhaps other financial professionals, such as investment advisors and the like.

We are always pleased to discuss with clients and prospective clients the process and welcome your inquiries.

Visit the New Jersey Collaborative Law Group Website.