Commercial Litigation Support

We take the matter of litigation services most seriously. It is, without question, the primary focus of our firm. There are very few firms which are so heavily devoted to litigation services, and which have as heavily experienced individuals as we do. The Barson Group is able to handle virtually any financial litigation matter.

Commercial LitigationThere is a wide range of financial litigation situations where expert accountants can be of significant assistance, often a key player, helping the client and the attorney, and sometimes directly helping the court, to address, quantify, conceptualize and resolve financial-based contention. We have helped many clients and their attorneys in a wide range of such financial-oriented litigation.

Negotiations and Settlement – in virtually any situation, one of the major benefits we can provide is the ability for counsel and client to take advantage of our extensive experience and financial background – for us to assist in negotiating a settlement and helping to make the numbers work. Often, our most valued input and contribution happens after 90% of the work is done and a report is issued – when we were asked to join in the final throes of the case to assist in trying to settle.

Lost Income and Damages – whether it be a breach of contract, profits that were lost or never realized, expenses that were incurred that perhaps should not have been, business interruption – we have assisted attorneys and clients. Being able to distinguish between merely speculative assumptions as to losses versus being able to actually support the magnitude of a loss (or to counter such allegations) is typically an area of major contribution by us.

Divorce – one of the more complex areas because of the interplay of business and personal finances, tax issues, and emotionally charged individuals. Typical services in this area include: funds flow tracing, determination of income, determining unreported income, valuation of a business, developing a lifestyle analysis, tax assistance and consulting.

Fraud and Embezzlement – a major concern of businesses today, is the financial losses incurred because of employee (sometimes outsider) fraud or embezzlement. We have worked with lawyers and their clients to prevent this from happening, to detect it and to quantify the loss when the unfortunate has occurred. We offer our own fraud-prevention checklist for you and your clients. Kal Barson also has earned the CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) designation.

Critiquing – some of our most significant contributions have been in cases where we have been able to review, comment and critique our opponents’ reports. Our experience and background enables us to understand and take apart an opponent’s report – to show where the weaknesses are and how they can be properly and best crossed-examined.

Expert Witness Testimony/Trial – while most cases settle, there are just some cases that are going to trial. When it comes to the final denouement, there’s nothing that can supplant the experienced expert witness, one who has testified on numerous occasions. Our judicial decision track record speaks for itself.

Valuation – often, as part of an overall assignment, which includes forensics related financial analysis, we are asked to value a business. This is common to matters such as shareholder disputes, divorces and damage determinations. We also do this for non-litigation matters – i.e. estate and gift purposes and establishing shareholder agreements. We have an outstanding track record in having our valuations sustained under rigorous trial/cross-examination

The Barson Group would welcome your inquiries, and we look forward to working with you. In addition, many times we have worked with clients who are already committed to an accounting firm – but get us involved (often the other accounting firm brings us in) for special needs where we can work well in tandem with their existing accounting firm.